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1 the first light of day; "we got up before dawn"; "they talked until morning" [syn: dawning, morning, aurora, first light, daybreak, break of day, break of the day, dayspring, sunrise, sunup, cockcrow] [ant: sunset]
2 the earliest period; "the dawn of civilization"; "the morning of the world" [syn: morning]
3 an opening time period; "it was the dawn of the Roman Empire"


1 become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions; "It dawned on him that she had betrayed him"; "she was penetrated with sorrow" [syn: click, get through, come home, get across, sink in, penetrate, fall into place]
2 appear or develop; "The age of computers had dawned"
3 become light; "It started to dawn, and we had to get up"

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back-form dawning Ultimately related to , ‘day’.



  1. To begin to brighten with daylight.
    Before a new day dawns.
  2. To start to appear or be realized.
    I don’t want to be there when the truth dawns.

Derived terms


begin to brighten with daylight
start to appear, be realized


  1. The morning twilight period immediately before sunrise.
  2. The rising of the sun.
  3. The time when the sun rises.
    She rose before dawn to meet the train.
  4. The beginning.
    The dawn of civilisation.


Related terms


rising of the sun
  • Arabic:
  • Chinese: 拂晓 (fúxiǎo)
  • Dutch: dageraad, opgang
  • French: aube
  • German: Dämmerung
  • Hebrew: שחר
  • Hungarian: hajnal
  • Italian: albori, schiudersi
  • Korean: 새벽 (saebyeok)
  • Russian: заря
  • Serbian: svanuće, svitanje
  • Swedish: gryning

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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

A, advent, alpha, antemeridian, appear, appearance, arise, arrival, arrive, aurora, auroral, awakening, begin, beginning, birth, blast-off, break, break of day, brighten, brightening, broad day, chanticleer, cockcrow, cocklight, come to mind, commence, commencement, crack of dawn, creation, cutting edge, dawning, day, day glow, day-peep, daybreak, daylight, dayshine, dayspring, daytide, daytime, develop, dusk, edge, emerge, emergence, establishment, first brightening, first light, flying start, foundation, fresh start, full sun, genesis, gleam, green flash, grow bright, grow light, inauguration, inception, institution, jump-off, kick-off, leading edge, light, light of day, lighten, matin, matinal, matutinal, midday sun, morn, morning, new departure, noonlight, noontide light, occur to, oncoming, onset, opening, origin, originate, origination, outbreak, outset, outstart, peep of day, prime, ray of sunshine, rise, running start, send-off, setting in motion, setting-up, shine, square one, start, start-off, starting point, sun spark, sunbeam, sunbreak, sunburst, sunlight, sunrise, sunshine, sunup, take-off, twilight, unfold, vestibule of Day
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